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By April 15, 2017

Python 3.5 is currently not supported within the Redhat fmaily except on Fedora. If you want to install 3.5 you will need to follow one of the below steps. 1. Install from source # cd /usr/src # wget Now extract the downloaded package. # tar xzf Python-3.5.2.tgz Compile Python Source Use below set of

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By January 08, 2016

VSIDO successfully installed. it was a little rough around the edges to get going. if you make a mistake during the setup. The installer will crash and start over. My issue was with the partitions using gparted. Next the resolution became a issue with fluxbox. once you get pass these issues, everything else is golden. 

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By March 24, 2015

We decided to upgrade one our test machines to fedora 21 . It has been out for some time now so were excited to try it out. Below are a few issues we encountered that may help someone out there. Running the upgrade using the fedup client Error logging in. “Oh no! Something has gone

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