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OpenKb.org was created to be a Administrator’s Note Center. Here you will find my personal notes on different server issues and fixes. I have been administrating servers since 1992 and was keeping my notes in my head. After a few years I then starting writing the notes down on scratch paper( Yeh , this really helped me when i needed them most). So I found this Open Source Program called “TikiWiki” and decided this was the perfect program to save my notes. Until the spammers found a exploit and I switched to WordPress .

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter or Google Plus.  The links are listed below.  I am open to modification’s to the notes and comments to make them better.  If you have a better way to resolve a issue please contact me.

Added note: In order to become a registered member of this site you must also send in a request to our Google Plus Collection page or Twitter. The notes are free to use by the public and the only benefits of becoming a registered member would be to comment on posts and contribute to our end goal.


1. Please do not abuse the site. This site was put up to help the community. If we see a increase in abuse coming from certain IP’s.  We will block you for ever , until the end of time. There will be zero tolerance for abuse.

2. You don’t like a article, please don’t complain about what you read on this site as it was put here a reference to all techs. If you have a better way of doing something. Please send in the confirmed process and we will be glad to update our notes.

Contact information:
Twitter : http://twitter.com/philly_sotg
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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some system administration assistance. or Gitter : https://gitter.im/openkb1


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