ASPUpload error — Upload.SaveVirtual function

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Posted on December 07, 2007

The following error occured while uploading:

“This feature has been disabled by system administrator. Use SaveVirtual instead.”

Please try again.



instead of using Upload.Save , you must use the UploadSaveVirtual function

Function SaveVirtual (Optional VirtualPath, Optional Key, Optional Ext) As Long Same as Save but expects a virtual path rather than a physical path. This method internally calls the function Server.MapPath to convert the virtual into physical path. Therefore, Upload.SaveVirtual(path) is equivalent to Upload.Save(Server.MapPath(path)). In a Web hosting environment, the system administrator may disable the Save method so that an AspUpload user would be forced to use SaveVirtual which would confine him to his home directory and subdirectories.


Upload.SaveVirtual “/images”

c “/images”, Key, “xxx”