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By July 09, 2021

The Plex community pushes the idea of using direct play instead of transcoding. Yet , not all media is created equal and this is proof of that. I was watching the 2017 movie “Boss Baby” which was 720p and H.264 Codec H264Bitrate 3276 kbps Display Title 720p (H.264)Extended Display Title 720p (H.264) Transcoding vs direct

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By February 10, 2021

I figured I would post this information to save others some time. Here’s the background. I wanted to separate the XCIPTV panel from my primary web domain. I also wanted to do this without forcing users to upgrade the APK so I decided to setup a .htaccess file and redirect the APK/API to a new

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By October 13, 2020

For some odd reason I have been unable to add new users to Windows 10 home edition. The only way that work included adding the user directly under netplwiz. Click the Window key + r Enter netplwiz Click add to add the new user If you need to lock the default Administrator user do this

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By June 11, 2020

I found that you can manually apply the update from This was a pain as the update would stall and not allow me to open any Microsoft applications. Maybe this post will save someone some time.

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By October 17, 2019

Python 3.8 is currently not supported within the RedHat family. If you want to install 3.8 you will need to follow one of the below steps. Official Install Doc Fedora noticeĀ  1. Install from source # cd /usr/src# wget extract the downloaded package. # tar xzf Python-3.8.0.tgzCompile Python Source Use below set of commands

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