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By March 21, 2017

Test Lab: Connect a Raspberry PI Zero to a Fedora/Centos/Windows 8-10 Linux System via USB. We were looking to use the PI Zero as a USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget. This will allow us to connect to the PI Via ssh over USB. PI Initial setup: GIST Reference Additional Reference For this method, alongside your Raspberry Pi

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By February 02, 2017

So there has been some kodi wars with the developers of certain add-ons. One being with Anonymous,Maverick, Silent hunter and Beau builds. The issue I have with some kodi developers. They like you when you follow them and hate you when you decide to create your own repo or addon. The Anonymous team encourages you

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By January 25, 2017

Major update for the Kodi community.  Anonymous has scrap all of the major IPTV links and made them available via their repo . Paragon has shut down The 4 horsemen has split up.   Maverick is still active and all links have been updated.      

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By January 15, 2017

I needed a way to connect the PI to the TV and VNC to that display from  any device . Below are the steps I took to accomplish my goal.   cd ~/ – sudo apt-get install x11vnc mkdir -p .config/autostart mkdir -p .vnc if you wish to use a password x11vnc -storepasswd .vnc/passwd cd

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By January 14, 2017

Debian: use tightvncserver instead apt-get purge realvnc-vnc-server realvnc-vnc-viewer apt-get install tightvncserver Then run tightvncserver as the user.    

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