Bind – Multiple Host Update

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Posted on April 22, 2018

Summary of steps

1> Update the zone file with the new IP

2> Reload the master zone

3> Force transfer to the slave

4> For good measure , restart the bind service on both the master and slave. Also verify the status of the process on both. “systemctl status named”

A. Put a list of zone files names in a text file. Then run he one liner to update the A record within all of the zone files.

for i in $(cat <filename>) ; do sed -i “s/<oldIP>/<newIP>/g” $i; done

You do not need to worry about the serial number if you have access to the slaves.

You will need to reload the master zones and retransfer the slaves.

B. Create another file with a list of the zones only. Then run the believe one liner to reload each zone on the master.

for i in $(cat <filename>) ; do  rndc reload $i; done

C . On the slave perform a force transfer from the master

for i in $(cat <filename>) ; do  rndc retransfer $i; done