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By June 11, 2020

I found that you can manually apply the update from This was a pain as the update would stall and not allow me to open any Microsoft applications. Maybe this post will save someone some time.

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By March 21, 2017

Test Lab: Connect a Raspberry PI Zero to a Fedora/Centos/Windows 8-10 Linux System via USB. We were looking to use the PI Zero as a USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget. This will allow us to connect to the PI Via ssh over USB. PI Initial setup: GIST Reference Additional Reference For this method, alongside your Raspberry Pi

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By August 09, 2016

Tools needed T6/T8 Torx Screwdriver Pri pick Suction cups Mac Tool Kit from Amazon Optional OEM adhesive strips – Depending on the model of the imac Reference websites Mac lookup by serial If the mac powers on, you can locate information about the mac under “about this mac”

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By January 12, 2015

Reference We needed to format an external disk to exfat so the drive could be used across multiple OS Platforms. It was a challenge at first until we realize it was pretty much the same as linux. Apple wants the user to use the UI tools for making changes so they limited the features of

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By January 03, 2015

For some odd reason Mac systems do not mount ntfs as read/write. It will only mount the disk as read only by default. Which is good in some cases but what if you want to write to a external drive for remote use. This makes it very hard for the average user to use Mac

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