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By June 26, 2013

Mailer error Reason: Remote host said: 601 Attempted to send the message to the following ip’s: 601 is not self defined. The error usually mean there is a connection issue. Possibly due to a firewall or blocked connection from your host.

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By May 08, 2011

Problem: If you are getting a timeout message when you are trying to upload or download an attachment using the SmarterMail web interface. Resolution: You should do the following: Log onto your SmarterMail server. Open the web.config file with Notepad, located in the: c:\program files\smartertools\smartermail\mrs folder Search for the line Replace it with Save the

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By May 23, 2010

!)when using RPC/HTTPS connection in Outlook, you will need to follow the instructions below to store your password so Outlook will not prompt you for credentials. You must be running on Windows XP or Vista (any edition except Windows Home). 2) In Outlook 2003, go to: Tools > Email Accounts > Click Next to View

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By June 01, 2009

Open a Shared Calendar To open a shared calendar in Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008, do the following: Open Entourage. Click Calendar in the upper left corner of the window. Click File > Open Other User’s Folder…. In the User: box, type the name or the ULID of the person whose calendar you want to open. Click OK. The shared calendar appears

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By May 31, 2009

To enable SMTP Auth, you will need to modify the config.php file locate in /config/config.php line 50 Windows location with plesk . C:\Inetpub\vhosts\webmail\horde\config Change the following line $conf = true; **I recommend forcing everyone to authenticate when relaying email from your server. This includes php, asp mailer scripts

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