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By May 24, 2017

Perpetrators use various methods, also referred to as ‘attack vectors’, to deliver cyberattacks. These attack vectors can be divided into two major categories: Either the attacker persuades the user to visit a malicious website, or he tricks him into running a malicious file on his computer. Our research reveals a new possible attack vector, using

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By April 17, 2017

Video uploaded showing how to open kodi on your Fire Stick and how to install Expire0 build via the wizard. Feel free to donate —

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By April 07, 2017

User are paying 80+ dollars for a Fire stick with Kodi installed.  Its pretty sad to over charge someone for a application that’s free. So I decided to post the easy instructions here . You can find the instructions on how to install kodi on the firestick at Kodi Wiki . In a nutshell you will

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By February 02, 2017

So there has been some kodi wars with the developers of certain add-ons. One being with Anonymous,Maverick, Silent hunter and Beau builds. The issue I have with some kodi developers. They like you when you follow them and hate you when you decide to create your own repo or addon. The Anonymous team encourages you

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By January 25, 2017

Major update for the Kodi community.  Anonymous has scrap all of the major IPTV links and made them available via their repo . Paragon has shut down The 4 horsemen has split up.   Maverick is still active and all links have been updated.      

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