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By June 03, 2020

I had a very important need to make some changes to a APK and I came across this cool tool called APKTool. More information rise of ra slot. The tool was simple to setup and user apktool d <apkname> -o <output path > to decompile apktool b <source dir> to build Building worked perfectly accept

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By December 29, 2018

Inside OpenKB’s lab.

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By August 25, 2018

juypterhub_setup JupyterHub setup¶ Created by Reference links Lab setup based on the manual using Centos 7.5 1. Installation . Step 1 and 2 can be placed in a bash script.¶ yum -y update && yum -y install epel-release.noarch npm gcc gcc-c++ python36 python34 python34-devel python34-pip python36-setuptools python36-libs vim git pandoc texlive texlive-*.noarch

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