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By August 27, 2018

Can I safely delete files in /var/cache/PackageKit/metadata/updates/packages? You can refresh the cache using pkcon refresh force -c -1

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By July 28, 2018

ERROR: protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT   Check hostnamectl and make sure the hostname is listed in /etc/hosts next to

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By June 28, 2018

The Filesystem will go into a read only state if there is some type of FS corruption found.  The corruption could be due to a failing hard drive or the FS system just encountered a unknown error.  There are a few ways we can attempt to repair the corruption. -We can reboot the server.  During

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By June 07, 2018

Network Time Service Chronyd. Chronyd comes installed with the Red Hat family by default. Chronyd is a good replacement for the standard NTP daemon found on most distributions. Very that Chronyd is running and enabled systemctl status chronyd systemctl start chronyd systemctl enable chronyd Config file path /etc/chronyd.conf Documentation pages info chronyd.conf man chronyd  

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By May 19, 2018

Time to upgrade $ sudo yum clean all $ sudo yum upgrade $ sudo systemctl reboot Release notes

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