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By December 14, 2016

Regarding VIM enabling visual mode after right clicking. I opened a ticket via github . Hopefully we can get a answer over there. This was a slight problem for me until I found i could disable this by issuing :set mouse-=a .. My ticket on github is more of a question if this is

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By April 24, 2015

After months of issues with my Nexus 7. I finally came across a fix online that seem to correct the issue. In fact it was the last thing i would have expected. Turning off Gesture typing corrected the lagging with the device. Turn Gesture Typing on or off Gesture Typing is on by default. To

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By September 29, 2014

System Debian Sid ( VSIDO ) Kernel : 3.14.15-2 Architecture : i686 GNU/Linux After updating Systemd and lightdm. I rebooted the system and was presented with a login prompt. Very strange since I was expecting lightdm to load and start FluxBox. To get around this we had to remove lightdm and reinstall it. apt-get purge

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