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By April 12, 2008

Linux has 7 different run levels (or operating modes): * rc0.d – System Halted * rc1.d – Single User Mode * rc2.d – Single User Mode with Networking * rc3.d – Multi-User Mode – boot up in text mode * rc4.d – Not yet Defined * rc5.d – Multi-User Mode – boot up in X

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By April 09, 2008

chattr chattr

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By January 19, 2008

To tar up a directory tarĀ  -cvf file.tar directory To zip a file or files gzip -c file file1 > zip.gz

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By December 06, 2007

from the linux shell type smbclient \\\\netbiosname\\shareresource it will then ask you for the share password . once your connected you can then upload and download files as you were using a ftp client. keep in mind that linux does not like spaces within file names and directory names . so the resource name can

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