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By May 19, 2018

Time to upgrade $ sudo yum clean all $ sudo yum upgrade $ sudo systemctl reboot Release notes

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By May 01, 2018

Found some interesting commands to free up some virtual memory without a reboot. I did not think the command will work so i ran a test in the lab and sure enough. It works like a charm. just so you can see real time stats sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches To clear inodes sync; echo

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By March 08, 2018

IPV6 test case If we set a static ipv6 and IPV6_AUTOCONF was set to yes. the IPV6_AUTOCONF value will not take affect until we bring down the interface and bring it back up. Performing a network restar will not change the value of IPV6_AUTOCONF.. We have found that after a restart of the network service.

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By February 24, 2018

Applications => Utilities => Tweak Tool => Power=> Don’t suspend on lid close => ON   From the command line See HandleLidSwitch in /etc/systemd/logind.conf Change HandleLidSwitch to ignore and restart systemctl restart systemd-logind

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By January 29, 2018

awk ‘/\/etc\/init.d\/syslog/ { print prv_line; next } { prv_line = $0 }’

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