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By March 17, 2010

Wow, PHP is changing the way we code our websites More Warnings Warning: date()

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By January 16, 2010

php-cgi.exe does work on IIS7. You need to modify PHP.INI to have the line: cgi.force_redirect = 0 If you do not do this modification, PHP-CGI.EXE outputs a security warning response without proper response headers, which causes IIS to return a 502 Bad Gateway. Strangely, running PHP-CGI.EXE from the commandline does not generate this error –

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By January 10, 2010

The best way to compress PHP files is to use auto_prepend_file Add the filling code to a file called gzip.php Then update your php.ini files as follows auto_prepend_file= /path/to/gzip.php you can also use a htaccess file if your server permits php_value auto_prepend_file gzip.php Testing the compression or curl -I -H ‘Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate’ More detailed

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By October 02, 2009

Your file size upload is controlled by two variables in php.ini upload_max_file_size and post_max_file_size

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By September 11, 2009

php installation appears to be missing the mysql which is required for wordpress ====== open the php.ini file. if you do a search for extension=php_mysql.dll and un comment it ie delete the ; at the beginning of the line then search further up in the ini file for extension_dir=”./” and replace ./ with c:\php\ext (assuming

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