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By October 16, 2017

In summary an attacker can clone your existing wifi connection. After which point you will connect to the clone connection without knowing. The attack method will also remove any secure connection ( https – SSL ) . Let see you visit this live and vulnerable website . This site is a Joomla based website

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By April 07, 2017

In this video, I am showing that the idea of using Javascript to protect your code is a bad idea.

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By April 09, 2014

While the media advise you to change your current password. I would not recommend changing your password until the website has been patched. Some sites are also recommending not signing into any secure sites until this is resolve. WOW!!!!! –   Continue to use the internet as usual if you notice anything strange with your

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By May 22, 2012

If you are a customer of WHMCS , you may be sitting there wondering what happen yesterday. Well your credit card information may be at risk.  WHMCS website is hosted by , they are advising that you should change your password asap if you use the client area  on their website. Also you may

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