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By July 08, 2016

67% of the email that was sent to me was spam for the month Of June 2016. Thanks to a great Spam Gateway I never received them. I am surprise that people are still making money from spamming.

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By September 09, 2015

IRC has been around since the beginning of time. I am talking before AOL and Yahoo chat rooms. Well most newbie believe that internet chat rooms have died. More technical users are still using IRC to chat with people across the planet. I myself like to hang out on IRC from time to time. We

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By January 18, 2012

We at OPENKB are highly against the SOPA Bill, Please join us in the protest against the bill .           

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By December 20, 2011

I was helping a friend/associate of mine with his CrackBerry. (android insider) We spent hours trying to find a way to delete one of his contact list. You would think this was a easy task. Select list , click delete NO this was not the case. After 3 wipes of the device and 3-4 restores.

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By November 21, 2011

We encountered a System Administrator Nightmare. Received notice that a server was running low on /var storage. After checking the server we found that the mysql folder was using 9GB. Come to find out it was only one particular file that was using 7GB which was ibdata1. When the server was launch we did not

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