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By April 21, 2009

Error : “Error 1309. Error reading from file” Go to ‘’ ( and do a search for “LISTool.exe” – alternatively you can go here: This will take you to the download page for MS’ “Local Installation Source Tool”. The problem Spirited 1 ran into is known issue by MS. Basically, the LIS Tool will

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By April 20, 2009

Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80004005’ Could not use ”; file already in use. Ensure the .mdb and .ldb is writable by the IUSR . IIS uses the .ldb while writing data to .mdb you may receive unable to update file

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By March 27, 2009

Errors: Error message during Office 2000 or Office XP installation: “Error 1335 – Cannot Copy Cab File” or Office 2007 installation stops because missing office.en-us\ Reason: despite what you may find online. I found that the issue is caused by a damage memory module. You can either replace the bad module or use the

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By March 17, 2009

Error: STOP: 0xC0000221 unknown hard error C:\Winnt\System32\Ntdll.dll (or another specific file or driver) * This error does not mean what it say.. use the matrix to decode the message** My solutions was to replace the memory module as it had a bad crc checksum . this will not allow the windows installation to continue. After

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By March 01, 2009

This may be old news but I thought it was worth adding to the Knowledgebase.. To create a new windows service from the command line sc create servicename To delete a service sc delete servicename reboot the system , or I recommand stopping the service before removing it. sc stop servicename M$ SC command reference

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