Change SMTP port via Eudora

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Posted on February 07, 2008

You can change the ports for *all email accounts* in Eudora for the POP, IMAP, SMTP, ACAP, or Password Change Port by using the esoteric settings. First exit Eudora. Look in the Eudora directory for the folder “Extrastuff”. In this folder there is a file named “esoteric.epi”. Drag this file into the main Eudora directory. Restart Eudora then go to the Tools menu, Options, Ports, and change the ports here as needed.

If you do not know where your Eudora directory is and are currently running Eudora 6.2 or newer, you can find out by going to the Help, About Eudora menu.

To find out where you have Eudora installed for versions older than 6.2 you will have to search for the directory using Windows Search. Go to Start, Search, All files and Folders. In the box labeled “All or part of the file name” type eudora.ini. Click on Search now. When the file is located look at the modified date. The eudora.ini file with the most recent date will reveal the location of your Eudora directory. This eudora.ini file’s modified date is updated each time you exit Eudora. The file location will be listed under the “In Folder” category in the search results window.


You may have a need to change ports for one or more specific email personalities in Eudora. You can do so by adding the desired setting under the appropriate ‘[Persona]’ section. For example, To change the POP3 port for a personality called ‘foo’ to 10110, you would edit the Eudora.ini and look for a section called:


Under that section you would enter:


The settings for the 3 main services are:







It is not recommended you make any of the above changes unless specifically instructed by your Internet Service Provider or Email Provider. Altering ports in Eudora could inhibit your ability to send and receive email.