Connect to MySQL database from LibreOffice Base

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Posted on September 06, 2015

You will need the jdbc class driver which can be installed by following the above link

-Open up any LibreOffice program and then click on Tools->Options.
-Expand LibreOffice option and then click on Advanced.
-Click on the Class Path button on the right followed by Add Archive.
-Browse to /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar
-Click Ok and choose to restart LibreOffice.
-Now open LibreOffice Base and choose to Connect to an existing database.
-In the drop-down menu choose MySQL, and connect using JDBC.
-Click on the Test class button to make sure the JDBC driver loads successfully. If -it doesn’t, then check that you followed the previous steps properly. If it does load -then simply enter the settings as it relates to your MySQL database.

———————-Fedora 21 ——————-
Yum update JRE
Yum update mysql-connector-java
*then follow the instructions above*

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