Cpanel Dynamic-DNS-webcall-doesn-t-work-it-gives-a-404-error

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Posted on December 17, 2020

After utilizing the Dynamic DNS feature in cPanel, a 404 was received when accessing the webcall URL.


We found that CloudLinux Servers are a few versions behind with EasyApache4 updates. One of these updates is required for the Dynamic DNS webcall URL to work.

We’ve opened an internal case for our development team to investigate this further. For reference, the case number is [UPS-295]. Follow this article to receive an email notification when a solution is published in the product.


  1. In WHM, navigate to Apache Configuration Include editor. Select the “Pre Virtualhost Include” for “All Versions”.

WHM Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Include Editor

  1. Edit the file and add the below syntax. ( The following should be on one line, as this is very important. )
ProxyPass /cpanelwebcall/ max=1 retry=0
  1. Save the file by clicking update.
  2. Then click restart to make the change active.