Daily Rant : In-house Bind9 and dhcp

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Posted on June 04, 2016

I was talking with someone about my home lab and the applications I have running in-house.  I mention to them that i have Bind9 running and ISC DHCP.  Their response startled me and I quote “Bind9 is overkill for a house DNS and why not use the router DHCP” .  They then went on to say that Bind9 configuration was hard to understand.

Here is my take on the comment.

Bind9 is not overkill and is used by most companies.  It’s a great way to learn the in and outs of the application by using it in-house and a lab environment.  To say the configuration is hard to understand mean you have not taken the time to understand it. As of this writing you can find Bind9 documentation here

With Regard to DHCP , I ran into a few issues using the DHCP server that come pre-installed on most residential routers.  One main thing was the ability to control the lease time. This was a huge bummer for me because the lease times were 4 hours. This was causing my devices to go offline often during the renewal process. ISC DHCP gave me more control over my environment and the ability to use Vlans.  You can find ISC Documentation here

With that being said, never let someone tell you what you can and can not due.  The sky is the limit when it comes to technology . If you decide to have a full rack in your basement , then go with it.


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