Linux Distro Watch and release dates
    – Releases mention on this page are Distributions/Applications we contribute to or currently use. If you would like your Distribution listed on this page please contact us via twitter @signofthegrind

Fedora current release 20

Fedora 21 Schedule release date 10-14-2014


Debian Current release 7.0 Wheezy

Next release will be Jessie  . no release date has been made public

Redhat Enterprise current release  6.5

next release 7.0

Libreoffice **more to come*


Userful Tools
Install smartmontools
Check Harddrive Health > smartctl -a /dev/sda
Run a test > smartctl –test=short /dev/sda

System info
dmidecode tool
dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer’s DMI (some say SMBIOS) table contents in a
human-readable format. This table contains a description of the system’s hardware com-
ponents, as well as other useful pieces of information such as serial numbers and BIOS
revision. Thanks to this table, you can retrieve this information without having to
probe for the actual hardware. While this is a good point in terms of report speed and
safeness, this also makes the presented information possibly unreliable.