Network/Linux Lab

Lab Notes:

Lab setup:
ISP Wan connection
basic residential wifi router – cisco
basic residential wifi router d-link
2 cisco 2950 switches
2 cisco 2500 routers
3 servers – media server, dhcp server and dns server
Lab test server: Fedora with Virtual manager

Issue #1 : connect two cisco 2950 in a daisy chain fashion on one vlan

if you purchase the switches new you can use the express setup as stated at

Our system was used so our initial setup was a little different. Disconnect all devices from the switch . click and hold the mode button until you get 4 blinking green lights above the mode button. hard reboot the device. connect a linux machine that has console access to the switch. use the screen tool to connect to the switch console as follows
screen /dev/ttyS0 9600
To delete old sessions use
screen -list
screen -X -S 5587.pts-1.test quit * replace 5587.pts-1.test with the session id from the -list command

afer you connect ,you will be persented with a initial setup option. Follow the on-screen prompt to configure the router for basic setup.

Once complete, you will need to create or buy a patch cable ( Cross over cable ) . connect one end in switch a and the other in switch b. Take note of the switch ip for future use and to telnet to the switch instead of using the console. Do the above setup for both switches. Plug in a device in switch a and switch b. Make sure you can ping the device on switch a from switch b. vice versa.

Software Tools
Rufus : Use to create a bootable USB drive

IP Camera Software