Dreamweaver: _mmServerScripts – mysql connection

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Posted on April 26, 2009

When attempting to test the connection to a MySQL database within a PHP site in Dreamweaver, the following error occurs:

An unidentified error has occurred.

1. Open your ftp program
2. Go into the root folder of your site (the “Host directory” set in dreamweaver)
3. Look for a folder named _mmServerScripts

If it’s there

1. Delete _mmServerScripts
2. Attempt to connect with dreamweaver again
3. Dreamweaver should now create the new directory and it’s contents

If it’s not there

1. Create _mmServerScripts directory
2. Go to your dreamweaver install directory and then Configuration\Connections\Scripts\PHP_MySQL\_mmDBS cripts
3. Upload MMHTTPDB.php and mysql.php to the _mmServerScripts directory on your server

or follow the technote located at
Adobe TechNote