FCKeditor: The XML request error

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Posted on October 12, 2008

This error is the worst : but believe it or not the fix is right on the wiki for FCKeditor. So RTFM ()

hahaha , some people may not know what RTFM stand for so here is the solution


You will need to edit the following lines in the fckconfig.js file

var _FileBrowserLanguage = ‘php’ ;

var _QuickUploadLanguage = ‘php’ ;

Change php top fit the desired languages you would like to use. Normally this fle is located within the root of the fckeditor directory.

FCKEditor Wiki



The following error can occur when using fckeditor with Coldfusion. Thanks to petefreitag.com

FCKeditor Access Denied

OCTOBER 15, 2009
coldfusionI have a client using the standalone FCKEditor on his server (not the one in /CFIDE/ it is located at /FCKeditor/), but after installing the security hotfix for ColdFusion 8’s builtin FCKeditor, the file manager for uploading and inserting images stopped working. He was getting a JRun Servlet Error: 403 Access denied.

It turns out that hotfix (hf801-77218) will actually block any CFM request matching /fckeditor/editor/filemanager/ anywhere in the URI.

To bypass this feature you need to add the JVM argument: -Dcoldfusion.fckupload=true to your JVM arguments. This is found in the ColdFusion administrator under Java & JVM settings on Standard, or in the jvm.config file on Enterprise.

In general I think this is a good feature, though it probably will cause an issue with anyone who uses FCKeditor as outside of cftextarea.

Make sure when you enable FCKeditor’s file connector that you do so in a secure manner. For example, don’t just set config.enabled = true do something like this

config.enabled = IsDefined("session.isAdminUser") AND session.isAdminUser;