Fedora 21 – Unable to log in after upgrade

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Posted on March 24, 2015

We decided to upgrade one our test machines to fedora 21 . It has been out for some time now so were excited to try it out. Below are a few issues we encountered that may help someone out there.

Running the upgrade using the fedup client

Error logging in. “Oh no! Something has gone wrong..”

Fix: change the runlevel at boot to 3. log in as the root user and resync the users password token. You can do this by running the passwd command

Switching to runlevel 3, restart the system . At the grub screen hit the letter e. Scroll down and look for “rhgb quiet” After the word quiet insert the number 3
example: rhgb quiet 3
Hit f10 to continue to boot. Additional info can be found in the Fedora Documentation

Fixing GNOME required a removal and install
yum remove gnome-desktop3
yum clean
yum update
yum install gnome-desktop3
yum install gdm <<< used to log into gnome 18 Things to Do After Installing Fedora 21 Workstation