Firefox/IE Browser crash with yahoo games

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Posted on August 02, 2010

Firefox and internet explorer numerous times when playing yahoo games or Facebook games. The browser has encountered a problem and needs to close.

The issue is either with the flash plugin version you are using or the java version.

We uninstalled both the flash plugin and java plugin. Then re-installed both, this resolved the issue. To uninstall the java you will need to go into the control panel under programs and remove it. The same for the flash plugin.

Another step with firefox is to reset it back to the developers default settings. This can be done by entering Firefox in safemode and select all of the boxes and hit “make changes and restart”

To enter safemode In Windows, click Start, open the All Programs list, and navigate to the Mozilla Firefox folder. In the Mozilla Firefox folder, select Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode). Firefox should start up with a Firefox Safe Mode dialog.

Reinstall flash player

Firefox Safemode information