Gather information from a Windows system

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Posted on September 10, 2015

Being a advocate for open source operating systems. There are times when we need to work on a Windows system. While trying to determine the serial/model number for a system. We came across a interesting API built into Windows called Windows Management Instrumentation .

The command we used was
“wmic bios get serialnumber”

and for the mother board model
“wmic csproduct get name”

You can also just type wmic to access the cli

0. dmidecode
1. /sbin/lspci -> h/w info
2. lspci -> chipset and pci bus info
3. dmesg -> sys info
4. dmesg | tail -> search all devices attached to the sys.
5. /proc/cpuinfo -> cpu info
6. /etc/issue -> version info
7. lsmod -> kernel info
8. uname -r -> kernel info