How To Change OS Info In System Properties

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Posted on April 24, 2015

Here’s how to change the “Windows edition” information in the system properties dialog box:

Here’s what you need:
1) ResHacker

Here’s what you do:
1) After downloading ResHacker, open and run the program.
2) Once open, select FILE, then OPEN
3) Navigate to C:\Windows\Branding\Basebrd\en-US
4) At this point you should be inside the “en-US” folder
5) Look for the “basebrd.dll.mui” file (if it does not appear, change the Type of Files option to “All files (*.*)”
6) Double-click or open the “basebrd.dll.mui” file”
7) Click the + symbol to expand the “String Table” folder
8) Click the + symbol to expand the “1” folder
9) Click on “1033” (the code will then appear on the right side of the window”
10) Simply edit the text as you desire, but don’t get rid of the quotation marks. (I would only edit lines 11, 13, and 14… Editing lines 10, 12, 15, etc, doesn’t do anything”
11) You’ll notice that once you make a change or edit the text, the “Compile Script” box at the top makes itself “clickable.” Therefore, once you completed typing in/editing the information, click on COMPILE SCRIPT once.
12) Finally, select FILE, then SAVE AS…
13) Navigate back to the same location of the original “basebrd.dll.mui” file and save over your original file (Using the same file name, extension, etc) (You might need to select to change the Type of Files to “All Files (*.*) as mentioned earlier.