IIS- register/using .dll applications

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Posted on April 27, 2008

If you have a dll that needs to be executed from your local web folder. you will need the system admin to create a new web service extension for this .dll file before you can use it .

Then right click the folder and create a new application for the folder where the .dll resides ..

This is done in IIS :

[Left Hand Panel]
You’ll notice Web Service Extensions (click on it) below websites / ftp etc

[Right Hand Panel]
Lists current Extensions, Under Tasks (click on) Add New Web Service Extension.

N.B If you can’t see Add New Tasks click on any currently listed Web Service.

Give it a friendly name – Image_Resizer or something. (ADD)
Browse Window will now open, so browse to the DLL. (open) (ok)
Click on the “Set Extension status to Allowed” (OK)

You should now see the friendly name Image_Resizer listed with a status of allowed.