Lenovo 15.5 Inch Business Laptop B50-45 review

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Posted on September 13, 2015

Lenovo 15.5 Inch Business Laptop B50-4571dfX-gt7RL._SL1500_







I decided to upgrade one of my laptops to Lenovo b50-45. I always loved the IBM brand and thought it was time
to finally get one for myself. I normally sell these to my clients and received a great response from them.
I wanted to write up a quick post about the system that may assist others out there on the market for this model.

The system comes pre-installed with Windows 7 . The Windows 8.1 disks are including in the packaging. The case
is made of plastic and well designed. Very light weight with a 15.6 LED display . The processor is a little slow
but great for business use or programming. This is not a gaming machine at all. I will swap the Sata drive with a SSD in
the coming months. I highly recommend this system and doing a fresh install of Windows. There is one downside,
the system does not come with a Cdrom or DVD drive. Gotcha, you will need to intall the OS using a USB drive.
You can create a USB boot drive using Rufus. You will need to first need to convert the cdrom disk to ISO

In the end this is a good system for the price.