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Posted on September 09, 2015

IRC has been around since the beginning of time. I am talking before AOL and Yahoo chat rooms. Well most newbie believe that internet chat rooms have died. More technical users are still using IRC to chat with people across the planet. I myself like to hang out on IRC from time to time. We do not have a IRC channel as of yet. but you can sometime find me on #okb.

I highly recommend registering a nick if you plan on using IRC.

There are several IRC clients you can choose from. I prefer to use Weechat on Linux. Due to my love for the command line :) . Weechat documentation can be found at

Below are a few commands to get you started after you have installed a IRC client.
Add a IRC server to your list
/server add freenode

#connect to freenode
/connect freenode

#Register your nick
/msg nickserv register YourPassword

#sign in with your registered nick
/msg nickserv register YourNickName YourPassword

Switching window buffers can be done using /buffer # (replace # with the buffer number) or use /buffer #channelname

/help Lists commands, if a command is given then shows command usage and description
/join Joins a channel
/close Closes a buffer, parting the channel if you are in it
/quit Quit WeeChat
/msg Send a message to a nick (or channel)
/query Opens a private buffer with a nick
/ban Ban a user from a channel
/unban Unban a user from a channel
/kick Kick a user from a channel
/kickban Kick and ban a user from a channel
/part Parts a channel but does not close the buffers
/topic Sets channel topic
/whois Shows information about a user