Nexus 7 2012- Lag issue and Recovery

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Posted on April 24, 2015

After months of issues with my Nexus 7. I finally came across a fix online that seem to correct the issue. In fact it was the last thing i would have expected. Turning off Gesture typing corrected the lagging with the device.

Turn Gesture Typing on or off
Gesture Typing is on by default. To turn it off or back on again, follow these steps:

Open the Settings menu on your device.
Under “Personal,” touch Language & input.
Under “Keyboard & input methods,” touch the Settings icon next to “Google Keyboard.”
Touch Gesture typing preferences.
Check or uncheck the box next to “Enable gesture typing.”

You can also try the following while in recovery mode

Turn off your device.
Press and hold Power and volume down buttons simultaneously until you see a large arrow at the top of your screen.
Press the volume down button repeatedly until you see “Recovery” in the arrow.
Select it by pressing the power button.
You’ll see an android mascot with a red triangle and exclamation mark.
Hold down the power and press the volume up button once and then release the power button.
Press the volume down button repeatedly to select “erase or wipe the cache partition” from the list of options.
Wait for the process to complete and then restart your device.