Plesk – set default domain for a given ip

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Posted on March 15, 2008

The IP Address Management function of Plesk enables the administrator of the server to control the available IP Addresses on system network interfaces. This function is designed specifically for servers that have more than one IP address or more than one network interface.

Here is how you can access the IP Address Management page where you can add and remove IP addresses, refresh the list of IP addresses, and edit the IP address properties:

1. Login to your Plesk Control Panel using admin as “Login” and your dedicated server password as “Password”.

2. Click on Server from the navigation bar on the left.

3. Click the IP Addresses icon.

4. You will now see the list of available IP Addresses on the server.

Here is how to set the default domain for a particular IP Address:

1. At the IP Address Management page, click the number in the Hosting column of the IP Address you’d like to manage.
2. Select a domain from the list using the respective radio button.

3. Finally, click the Set as Default link.