Plesk: Unable to remove FTP users or connect

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Posted on August 17, 2011

OS: Windows , may work on Linux but we did not test it

If you find yourself being unable to connect to FTP or can not remove the FTP user from the control panel. There is a chance that the security files under the domain root has been corrupted.

Hold on for a second, before you go deleting files.  Try running the following commands from the DOS prompt

"%plesk_bin%\ftpmng.exe" --remove-vhost
"%plesk_bin%\ftpmng.exe" --reconfigure-vhost

or for all domains

"%plesk_bin%\ftpmng.exe" --remove-all
"%plesk_bin%\ftpmng.exe" --reconfigure-all

If you are still unable to remove the user or connect. Then remove the security file under inetpub/vhosts/domainname . There is a file called .security , you can rename it or remove it.

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