Remote desktop with a wireless connection

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Posted on October 24, 2010


Well we had a windows 7 machine running with remote connection. This was working well until we decided to change the wireless usb card. After which the wireless connection would not stay active after we logged out of the machine locally.

During out remote desktop session, the screen would lock up during the welcome message. This means there is a network issue somewhere. After a hour or two we found the issue with how the wireless setup app installed the drivers. It was setup to only allow the current user to use the connection. so when the user logged out locally , this disabled he wireless connection.

Go into the control panel and click on “network and internet” > then “network and sharing center” . proceed to click on manage wireless networks on the left. You will see a wireless connection listed there, rick click it and select properties.

look under network availability and it should say “all users and not “only you”..

if it does say only you then you will need to click cancel . right click the connection again and remove it. then click the add button to recreate it. it should then get setup for all users .