Scrollout F1 Email Gateway test and install.

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Posted on September 06, 2014

Gateway Server: Debian 7

Type: Virtual

post installation task :

postmap /etc/postfix/virutal * if you do not you will receive the error” warning: database /etc/postfix/virtual.db is older than source file /etc/postfix/virtual”
Email Server: Exim , w/Cpanel

Files to edit :

/etc/alwaysrelay – enter your gateway ip address
/etc/relayhosts – enter your gateway ip address
/etc/localdomains – make sure your domain is listed here
Installation: Installation was easy as pie, The developer did a great job in executing this. We encountered an issue with connecting to Exim due to Antirelayd having a problem running. The error we received was

said: 550-Verification failed for <> 550-No such person at this address

. The main issue was that antirelayd was not running on the cpanel server. The process reads the /etc/alwaysrelay file and update /etc/relayhosts . The server had a uptime of 200 days and seem to have been low on memory so I rebooted the server. I then had to run /scripts/eximup -f which forces exim to start antirelayd . The 550 error when away then I got a looping error. I added the domain to /etc/localdomains and lastly I had to update the postfix virtual.db file by running postmap /etc/postfix/virutal

SCrollout installation guide
Scrollout Issue reference
Cpanel Reference

Caching info 

—note –

Postfix stores verification failures in a db file under /var/lib/postfix called verify.db.  if a recepient verify fails , the data is stored in this db file. You can speed up the relax of this data by deleting the file and performing a postfix reload

–whitelist and blacklist
you can add them in /var/www/cfg/sndr
You should find some examples there in case you already used collector.
/\$/ OK
/\$/ xMESSAGEx
First what is a whitelisted domain, second a blacklisted one.
Punctuation [.-_@] must be preceded by backslash .

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