SQL: Save (Not Permitted) Dialog Box

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Posted on March 21, 2009


Error :
The Save (Not Permitted) dialog box warns you that saving changes is not permitted because the changes you have made require the listed tables to be dropped and re-created.

The following actions might require a table to be re-created:

Adding a new column to the middle of the table
Dropping a column
Changing column nullability
Changing the order of the columns
Changing the data type of a column

Reference: MSDN

The user posted a good point on M$ website. what are you suppose to do with the data once the column has been dropped.

Answer: export the data out and back in duh…. But this is a stupid security setting.. bad Microsoft….

***updated information ********
no words can explain how I am feeling right now .
Within studio management 2008 , you will need to click on tools > options > designers tab > uncheck prevent saving changes that require table re-creation
Thanks to Henry Cordes for finding this
Henry Cordes