Unable to receive email to root@

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Posted on December 06, 2007

if your using cpanel then most likely you will need to edit your exim config file via ssh

The file should be located at /etc/exim.conf

# No deliveries will ever be run under the uids of these users (a colon-
# separated list). An attempt to do so causes a panic error to be logged, and
# the delivery to be deferred. This is a paranoic safety catch. There is an
# even stronger safety catch in the form of the FIXED_NEVER_USERS setting
# in the configuration for building Exim. The list of users that it specifies
# is built into the binary, and cannot be changed. The option below just adds
# additional users to the list. The default for FIXED_NEVER_USERS is “root”,
# but just to be absolutely sure, the default here is also “root”.

# Note that the default setting means you cannot deliver mail addressed to root
# as if it were a normal user. This isn’t usually a problem, as most sites have
# an alias for root that redirects such mail to a human administrator.
# The default is disabled in Cygwin, not all installations have root.

never_users = root

please note the following :
Exim has two trigger guards that stop deliveries running as root. In the build-time configuration, there is a setting called FIXED_NEVER_USERS, which defaults to root. This setting cannot be overridden. In addition, the default runtime configuration contains the option