Verizon Fios Deployment halt

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Posted on July 17, 2010

We have received word from our partnership vendor that Verizon has put a halt on their deployment of their Fios Product. This means if your county has not signed a Franchise agreement with the telecom giant. You will not be seeing Fios in your area anytime soon. They are claiming to be running on a tight budget and do not see a profit in the coming months. They are hoping for some stimulus funds to keep things moving.

As for Philly, This agreement was signed back in 2009 with a rollout in Chestnut Hill, followed by Brewerytown, East and West Mount Airy, South Philadelphia and Kensington.
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It seems to be that Verizon is skipping over the minority sections of Philadelphia. After searching online I found this post in a forum
“I have had conversations with several Verizon construction crews going around South and West Philly and they tell me they are having problems with laying fiber in those West Philadelphia alleyways with all that trash and trees and obstructions. They told me 3-5 years minimum. I work for Comcast. I am not a fan, I just work for them.”

This is very disturbing news if this is true.

At the time of this writing they have removed Pennsylvania from their community section on . The link is still there but seems to be broken now. We managed to file the pdf which shows the Pa locations to received Fios.

Alternate link just in case VZ removes the pdf

The pdf gives a general area and does not going into much details. But lets takes E Woodland ave since this is in the pdf file. Verizon completely skips southwest philly on the south side of Baltimore Ave. E Woodland is Sharon Hill. This does not include 65th and Woodland at all. This areas will continue to have DSL instead.

Verizon has also ended its Wholesale fiber to the home in which was effected by this. Powserve was working on a deal with a vendor to roll this out to their customers in early 2011. Powserve currently offers DSL services using the Verizon network to customers in the tri-state area.

Other references

Baltimore was completely skipped over. Rumors has it that Baltimore was skipped due to their low incoming communities and they did not see a profit in the entire city. But Verizon has denied this rumors and says they the city could not agree on a Franchise Agreement.

The Baltimore sun reports on this

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