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Posted on January 08, 2016

VSIDO successfully installed. it was a little rough around the edges to get going. if you make a mistake during the setup. The installer will crash and start over. My issue was with the partitions using gparted. Next the resolution became a issue with fluxbox. once you get pass these issues, everything else is golden.  Nice Distro, not a lot of people are using it at the moment. Hopefully it will gain some traction on distrowatch. This may be replacing Mint in my virtual environment.vsido_screen-










Screen fix. use xrandr to set the resolution

via the terminal check for available screen res


update the fluxbox startup script to force the desired res

xrandr -s 1360×768


)) using Ceni to configure the ethernet card yielded

“/sbin/ifup: couldn’t read interfaces file “/etc/network/interfaces”
W: up enp4s0 failed due to error at /usr/bin/ceni line 1519.”

Fix: i used “ifconfig -a” to overcome the error with ceni. Then “dhclient <ethername>” to force a dhcp pull

)) Iceweasel submenu is all white

Fix: Go to setting , and lxappearance .  Under Widgets select any them and click apply. Then select the default again and hit apply.

Show clock xclock -digital &

more to come as I use the Distro