Windows 7: Bios set to Raid crashes Windows

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Posted on January 27, 2012

During a random installation of Windows 7 in a Dell XPS unit. We notice windows kept crashing after rebooting and attempting to complete the installation.
After several attempts we found that we needed to change the hd mode to sata instead of raid.

the windows error was
“Windows is unable to complete due to a hardware error”
Nice right , thats for the info Microsoft.

Found this information on a forum as such and verbatim . It might be helpful to someone else that encounters the issue

Do you have windows installed on your SSD in RAID mode before adding these disks as RAID?
If not you need to, so you will need to go into windows and make the following registry changes first, before setting the BIOS to RAID
mode, if you installed windows in AHCI or IDE mode.
Enable switching between all IDE/AHCI/RAID modes by changing “Start” Values in these keys to 0

Another user replied as

A many thanks. Your wisdow is seemingly endless. It was the last entry that was not at zero it was set to 3. I did load windows first
after changing the SATA’s to AHCI mode during the first post. After making sure things looked OK a then tried adding the samsungs in
RAID 0. Thanks again for your help.”