Windows 8 leak

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Posted on June 29, 2010

Confidential powerpoint slides have been leaked onto the internet. The slides seem to show that M$ is continuing to eyeball Apple and Linux in more ways then one. We are unable to post the material on our website due to copyright laws. But we found a interesting breakdown at MSFT Kitchen .

Researchers say that the end of the keyboard and mouse may be near. I don’t believe this is a good idea and hope this is just a rumor. I cant see me using a touchscreen to code up a program or troubleshoot a network issue.

Another thing i am seeing is a increase in laptop sells. With the reduce cost on laptops these days more people are dumping desktops for a laptop in the home. While laptops can provide a convenience during American Idol or Big Brother. Nothing beats a desktop with a movable mouse and larger keyboard. How can you be productive if you always have to touch the screen to type up your resume or contract. The consumers need to stop buying these units so we can keep the production of keyboards and mouse up.