Windows DNS client – DNS priority

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Posted on September 26, 2013

I encountered a strange issue with my internal Windows machine. I setup a in-house dns caching server. The caching server caches remote site along with hosting internal records. All of the client machines have 3 dns servers setup , one internal and two public. I was having an issue resolving my internal devices via trace or ping. But nslookup work. What I found out was that the windows client failed at some point connecting to my internal and made my secondary primary . so only public domains were resolving .

To correct the issue you can reboot the system or force a failed lookup via cli. I performed two bogus lookups via nslookup and was able to resolve my internal records again. The windows client rotated through my dns server back to making my internal the current primary.

You can view the dns cache on windows using ipconfig /displaydns


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