Windows: IExpress – Create exe files from batch scripts

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Posted on November 27, 2009


Summary : IExpress is a technology designed to simplify creation of a setup program. Using the step-by-step IExpress Wizard, you can create self-extracting files that automatically run the setup program contained inside. The setup program can be an .inf file or an executable program. IExpress technology automatically removes the setup files after installation, saving the user time and frustration.

The IExpress Wizard can help you carry out specialized installations of your customized browser package, such as determining whether the computer needs to be restarted after installation. You can find the IExpress Wizard (IExpress.exe) in the \\Tools folder. Certain choices you make in the wizard correspond to particular batch-mode setup switches.

IExpress uses a Self-Extraction Directive (.sed) file to store information about your package. When you run the IExpress Wizard, you can start with an existing .sed file or create a new one by using the wizard. The .sed file contains information and instructions about the setup package.

If you are building a self-extracting file with IExpress and the language of this self-extracting file is different from the language of the Internet Explorer 6 Customization Wizard, copy the Wextract.exe and Advpack.dll files from the \\Iebin\\Optional folder to the \\Tools folder (where the Iexpress.exe, Makecab.exe, W95inf32.dll, and W95inf16.dll files are located). Include advpack.dll in your package.