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Posted on November 10, 2015

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There is an equivalent of apt-get and yum for Windows. The application is called Chocolatey and uses the NUGET packaging manager. I decided to test this in the lab and see how it works. So I downloaded the application and installed Cyberduck CLI version. The installer went fine with the exception it installed a very old version of Cyberduck CLI

Due to the current package not being available in the default source. I was inclined to create my own package. After researching online It seem pretty straight forward

Created a package directory
Create a subfolder called
In the app directory I created a file called
The content of this file included

Duck Cli

Duck cli -mas

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In the tools directory I created a file called chocolateyInstall.ps1 with the below content
Install-ChocolateyPackage ‘duck’ ‘exe’ ‘/quiet’ ‘’ ‘’

After creating the files I ran “cpack” which created a file called Duck.

Installing this new package required the following command
cinst duck -source %cd%

Verify the install
C:\Users\cybersnacker\Downloads\choc\ducklatest>clist -localonly
2 packages installed.

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