Windows Vista SL07-004 license error

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Posted on July 12, 2010

This is actually a old Issue that resurface for a user. So i figured it was good to post for others to be aware.

You will generally receive this error message when your copy of Windows is no longer Genuine. It means you have installed windows self proclaimed important update KB940510 via windows update. Some users have reported that this update has disabled their system if a activation exploit has been found on their system.
A activation exploit is a attempt to bypass Windows Activation process to avoid purchasing a legit copy of windows..

Per M$ they say “Note Installing this update does not affect the functionality of your operating system.” which is true if your system does not contain any activation bypass cracks.

Please note that you can opt-out of updating your system by disabling windows update. If you installed this update and wish to remove it, you can uninstall this via the control panel. You can also pruchase a legit license from the Microsoft Store

*We are not promoting the use of illegal software , but are promoting taking charge of your own system. ” Microsoft owns the operating system but you own the hardware. it is up to you if you decide to participate in using pirated applications. You have been warned *